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Two classes of mycotoxins, Aflatoxins and Ochratoxins, are produced by molds like Aspergillus. Both classes have carcinogenic and mutagenic properties that can alter our DNA and cause the formation of cancer cells. Mycotoxin testing will ensure that your products are safe for inhalation and consumption. Encore Labs utilizes an LC-MS/MS system to detect trace levels of mycotoxins in a wide variety of cannabis products

Test Benefits

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Mycotoxin Testing

  1. The licensed laboratory analyzes at minimum 0.5 grams of the representative sample of cannabis or cannabis product to determine whether mycotoxins are present in the batch.

  2. The licensed laboratory reports the result of the mycotoxins testing in micrograms per kilogram (μg/kg) and indicates “pass” or “fail” on the COA.

  3. A sample passes mycotoxin testing if both the following conditions are met:

    1. Total of aflatoxin does not exceed 20 µg/kg of substance, and
    2. Ochratoxin A does not exceed 20 µg/kg of substance.
  4. If a sample fails mycotoxin testing, the batch from which the sample was collected fails mycotoxin testing and to canot be released for retail sale.


LC-MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry)