Request Testing 01

Request Testing

Input your company information, sample information and testing requirements via our online portal.

Sample Drop Off, Pick Up <br/>or Sampling Event 02

Sample Drop Off, Pick Up
or Sampling Event

Once request is placed, the sample(s) can be dropped off at the lab. If a sample pickup is requested or if sampling is required, our sales support team or account managers are contacted for scheduling.

Sample Intake 03

Sample Intake

Samples are received by our sample intake team and logged into our LIMS (laboratory information management system) and are labelled. Chain of custody documentation is reviewed, samples are photographed and subsequently homogenized.

Equipment Calibration 04

Equipment Calibration

Equipment that is used for sample preparation and analysis are calibrated and/or verified to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

Sample Preparation 05

Sample Preparation

The cannabis samples are then prepared for the different tests following our robust Standard Operating Procedures. The samples are prepared alongside quality control samples.

Data Analysis and QA/QC 06

Data Analysis and QA/QC

Samples are loaded onto our analytical instrumentation and are analyzed alongside quality control samples. Quality control data and samples are then reviewed by analysts for accuracy and are uploaded into our LIMS.

Initial Report Generation and Review 07

Initial Report Generation and Review

Our team performs an initial report generation and review procedure to ensure all information on the certificate of analysis (COA) is present and accurate.

Final Supervisor Review 08

Final Supervisor Review

Our qualified supervisors will perform a final review of your sample data by verifying historical trending of that product, looking for discrepancies or outliers and ensuring regulatory criteria is met.

Test Results Published 09

Test Results Published

Your COAs are published to the customer portal and are emailed to you in an easy-to-interpret report format. Where required, compliance testing COAs simultaneously get sent to the regulatory body and are uploaded onto a track and trace system.

Test Result Q&A 10

Test Result Q&A

If you have questions about the results, you have the option to speak with your account manager to receive a further explanation.

R&D and Compliance>

R&D and Compliance

Samples submitted as R&D versus Compliance may require different procedures depending on the state regulations. Regulatory compliance testing may require specific sampling protocols, evaluation against pass/fail criteria and reporting to regulatory bodies. Whereas R&D would not. Access the Cannabis Compliance State website pages or contact your account manager for more information.