For licensed cannabis companies, R&D testing is the precursor to Compliance Testing. R&D Testing gives you insight on the product to analyze the profile (such as potency and terpenes), identify contaminants, and ensure consumer safety.

Compliance testing is the final stage of testing prior to products being put on shelves. These are mandatory tests per product type that are required to pass under the regulatory requirements. The certificate of analysis is submitted to the state’s regulatory body. Failed tests can typically be prevented through rigorous R&D testing.

More insight on R&D and Compliance testing can be found here.

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Depending on the type of test you perform, our tests run anywhere from $75 + per test. For a more detailed breakdown, please call us at 626-696-3086

We test cannabis flowers, concentrates, infused products (such as edibles and tinctures), e-liquids, vape oils, topicals, patches, capsules and any product that contains active cannabinoids

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In addition, we offer customized services that include environmental swabs, myFlora DNA services, and stability shelf testing. Please contact us if you do not see a testing service requested.

Depending on whether a test is a Quality Assurance/R&D test or a Compliance test, the average turnaround time is between 2-4 days. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Quality Assurance / R&D Testing allows you to select any or all of the test you wish, without the results being sent to the regulatory agency. It is recommended to do quality assurance testing prior to submitting your sample for compliance to ensure that your product is within the regulatory compliance regulations by state. We offer this testing to licensed distributors, growers, dispensaries, manufacturers, qualified caregivers, as well as medical patients.

For Compliance, submit an order through the online client portal and reach out to your Account Manager to schedule a pick up from our authorized field sampler. Pick-ups for compliance must be done at a designated Distribution location. We service all areas statewide.

For R&D, you can drop off samples to our lab during business hours. Alternatively, you can reach out to your Account Manager to arrange a pick-up with our authorized field samplers.

For hemp/CBD products, all hemp/CBD products can be mailed to our lab. Input an order through the client portal and enclose the Chain of Custody in the package. We also offer pick-ups in-state, please reach out to your account manager to coordinate.

Sample size vary by test as well as product category. Please note that numbers may change based on regulatory agency by state. Please contact us directly to receive further information.

Please go to Contact Us page and an Encore Labs representative will reach out to you.

Similar to knowing how much sugar, fat, sodium and calories are in your food, knowing what is in your cannabis product is essential in understanding how to consume it. By identifying the profile of the product, consumers and patients can dose according to their endocannabinoid system.

Consumer safety is essential when ingesting cannabis products. Ensuring products are free from an excess of harmful contaminants is imperative before being sold.

Results can be found and downloaded online after you have logged in to your account. You can log into your account here.

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