Test Benefits

Testing the moisture content of your cannabis products can help determine the effectiveness of your curing process and highlight the quality of your product.

The lower the water activity, the less likely a product will grow microbial contaminants. Testing for water activity can help determine the cause of contamination and ensure that your product remains compliant with state regulations.

Test Benefits

What We Test For


Moisture Content and Water Activity Testing

  1. The laboratory shall analyze a sample of cannabis to determine the level of water activity and the percentage of moisture content.

  2. A cannabis sample shall be deemed to have passed water activity testing if the water activity does not exceed 0.65 Aw (or 0.85 Aw for solid edible products). The laboratory shall report the result of the water activity test and indicate “pass” or “fail” on the COA.

  3. The licensed laboratory shall report the result of the moisture content test on the COA as a percentage.

  4. If a sample fails water activity testing, the batch from which the sample was collected fails water activity testing and shall not be released for retail sale.


Moisture Analyzer and Water Activity Meter