Test Benefits

Finding out the cannabinoid distribution in your cannabis products is essential not only for accuracy but also for marketing purposes and to improve manufacturing best practices. The cannabis homogeneity testing results could be used to determine the adequacy of the product quality (i.e. blending protocol) and areas that may need further attention to uniformly target cannabinoids such as THC and CBD in the entire product. Confidential consulting services are available to those customers who seek better infusions and new product developments.

Test Benefits

What We Test For


Homogeneity Testing of Cannabis Products

  1. The laboratory analyzes at least five different samples of the cannabis product to determine whether the batch is of homogeneous cannabinoid content.

  2. A product is considered passing homogeneity testing if the deviation in cannabinoid concentration between the samples collected is within plus or minus 10%.


High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)