Test Benefits

High-quality cannabis products must be free of foreign contaminants including sand, hair, and insects.

Encore Labs’ cannabis foreign material inspection service analyzes your products externally and internally for any unwelcome filth. A digital microscope capable of 200X magnification may be used to scan your products and record any contaminants found.

Test Benefits

What We Test For


Foreign Material Testing

  1. The laboratory shall analyze and inspect a sample of cannabis flower or cannabis product to determine whether foreign material is present.

  2. The laboratory shall report the result of the foreign material test by indicating “pass” or “fail” on the COA.

  3. The laboratory shall perform foreign material testing on the total primary sample prior to sample homogenization.

  4. When the laboratory performs foreign material testing, at minimum, the laboratory shall do all of the following:

    1. Examine both the exterior and interior of the cannabis flower sample, and
    2. Examine the exterior of the cannabis product sample.


Visual Inspection and Digital Microscope.