Encore Labs offers both California Compliant and Quality Assurance (R&D) testing. Depending on the test requested for your sample batch, the process for both varies greatly.

California Compliance Test


The California Compliance test has a more complex logistical process than the Quality Assurance Test. This is due to the sampling and transportation process which must be fully documented to the Bureau of Cannabis Control. In addition, all information is sent to METRC, a track and trace system that locates the sampling process from beginning to end. Encore Labs is required to send personnel to the client’s licensed site to pick up the samples following the bureau’s sampling guidelines. To do so, such client needs to have the sample batch ready as well as a shipping manifest completed for the Encore Labs personnel to obtain the sample required.  A video recording of the sampling process will be required by the distributor personnel. The size of the samples taken for the compliance test are determined by the batch size per sample category stipulated by the BCC.

Once the sample is obtained, a Chain of Custody (COC) & sample field log form must be filled by both the client and Encore Labs member for a final revision of the sample being tested. All information will be then recorded in our database before arriving to the laboratory. The sample is sealed and tamper-proofed, ready to be transported back to the Encore Labs laboratory. When arriving to the testing facility, an Encore Labs personnel will log the information in our database & prepare the sample for analysis. Results are reviewed by our Laboratory Director and a COA (Certificate of Analysis) will be sent to the client upon completion of test.

All samples whether they pass or fail, are submitted to the bureau’s database.

Who Can Test

Only licensed distributors or microbusinesses can submit their samples for the full California Compliance test. License number must be provided prior to order submission.

Quality Assurance (R&D) Test


The process with a Quality Assurance Test is less complex than the California Compliant test. This test is not reported to the Bureau and only used by licensed businesses to get more information about whether their products are up to industry standards.

For a submission of a Quality Assurance test, the client can either drop-off their samples to the laboratory directly or have an Encore Labs staff personnel come pick up the samples. Additionally, there are other drop-off partner locations that the client can choose to drop their samples at – more information about our drop-off partner locations can be provided by the client’s account manager. In addition, the samples are not reported to METRC. Once the samples are received, they are tested and evaluated in the same way as the California Compliant Test. A COA (Certificate of Analysis) is issued to the client. If the sample fails, the client will know the exact issue with their products, but the results are not sent to the Bureau of Cannabis Control. It is recommended to do quality assurance testing for new products/samples for cost-savings purposes as well as finding out on specific test attributes prior to the submission of the full California Compliance testing.

Who Can Test

Distributors/growers/dispensaries/manufacturers, qualified caregivers as well as medical patients can submit samples for the Quality Assurance (R&D) test.